MARCH 11, 2021 //

gave main a well needed makeover also gallery is updated

FEBUARY 14, 2021 //

I just redid my main after weeks of inactivity! but don't worry peeps. many updates are soon to come when they are ready. you'll notice there is a gallery here. its where ill put my cool art and stuff exclusively to this website! I havent gotten to work on that of course, but soon it will be there. Also i just realized i never overwritten the date, whoops! Its fized now. Also.. holy crap. my RH AP Drummer duel video has like over 90 thousand viewers atm so. I guess its a sign to make more content like that? Honesly i dont know if im gona finish it because i have all sorts if ideas i want to do. lets just say the story is very very different from what you're typing up in my comments sections right now...

JANUARY 2, 2021 //

The stories page has been prematurely added.

JANUARY 2, 2021 //

I've changed up the background a lil bit. look, theres even a little character! See?

DECEMBER 29, 2020 //

Squashed a rather aggressive bug that targeted chrome users.

DECEMBER 28, 2020 //

The first draft of my main is completed. I've added a youtube and twitter button. The about, interests, and stories page don't exist yet.